Sadé Collins│ 22│ LittleMissSquiggles
Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies│
Animator│ Illustrator│Comic Artist │Storyteller/Writer
Creator and Artist of the Shady Squiggles, Legend of Korra “The Squiggle Comic" and Young Justice Amigos series on Deviantart│

“The world's finest squiggle meister

“Wassup my ninjas!

I am LittleMissSquiggles from Deviantart and allow me to welcome you to my art blog.

Check out my deviantart page for most of my art. If you enjoy my stuff on DA then feel free to check out the things on my bloggie.

You may find some things that peak your interest C:

— It’s April 24th 2013, reblog if you’re still VERY MUCH obsessed with THESE characters?

Jack Frost,