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— Like/Reblog if you’d like to see animated short films based off of Rise of Guardians?

Another curious question. I want to see just how many kids would like that.

Hey, if How To Train Your Dragon can get 2 animated short films then I’ll just sit here and wait patiently for the day when Rise of the Guardians gets short films too, am I right ROTG-ers and cracker jacks?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see animated shorts featuring your favourite characters from ROTG?

I also saw before on tumblr where fans were posting storyboarded short stories derived from the artists who worked on ROTG.

There was one depicting how Jack learned to fly by observing ducks flying South for the winter.

There was one featuring Sandy and the beginning of an interesting friendship with a small feline.

There was another one illustrating the backstory behind how Jack and Bunnymund met back in the Blizzard of ‘68?

How awesome would it be if Dreamworks created animated shorts of all those ideas?

Sounds pretty sweet, right?


So yeah, how many of you would love for that opportunity on your computer screens?